Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Character Parade

To end our Literacy week, we all dressed up as our favourite character from a book.

We enjoyed watching all of the children walking around the hall, showing off their costumes.

We all looked amazing!

Kathryn, Nathan's Nonna came to read to us.

Marian, Alistair's Grandmother came to read to us too.

 We had lots of fun in our costumes.

We love to read in Room 10.

Mrs Robinson was dressed as Mary Poppins and Mrs Davies was dressed as a wicked witch!

The Grandparents had a lovely morning tea with the teachers.

Mrs Davies read some stories too.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Gruffalo By Julia Donaldson

For Literacy week we have been looking at books which were written by Julia Donaldson.
The Gruffalo is one of our favourites.

We wrote descriptions of the Gruffalo.





Come and have a look in our corridor and read our Writing.

Literacy Week - Stu Duval

Stu Duval came to Sunnyhills.

He told us a very funny story.

As he told the story, he drew a picture.

He made us laugh a lot!

The next day, he came back to teach us how to draw.

Stu Duval is very clever. He can draw amazing pictures by starting with a letter or a number.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Perler Beads for Tinker Time

We loved the perler beads at Tinker Time

We had to concentrate for a long time to get finished

Come in and look at our perler bead patterns

They look beautiful

They are hanging in our room.

Come and see which is your favourite.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

School Disco

It was the school disco on Friday. We had a lovely time dancing.

Cameron had the hip hop style down to a T 

Daisy had the moves. 

Nathan and Timothy couldn't stay still long enough to get a photo! 

Adam and Alex were striking a pose!

We LOVED dancing so much! 

Hayley and Daisy made a beautiful pair! 

James looked quite the part!